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James Pennell & Esmé Tutill


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James Pennell

James has been involved in the performing arts since joining a part-time theatre school as a child. Since then, he has been involved in countless community and professional productions across the UK as an actor, singer, and director. Having taught at Razzamataz Newcastle since its opening in 2016, James spent a year teaching music in France and was fortunate enough to record and play some of his original music at a number of events and concerts. Since returning to Newcastle, James has had the pleasure of stepping back into teaching at Razzamataz. James is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to provide children and young people with a dynamic and fun curriculum, and a friendly environment for all. He is passionate about helping young people to achieve their goals, as well as ensuring that all those who want to want to be a part of the performing arts (whether for fun, to build confidence, or as a career), can. As well as being one of the principals of Razzamataz Newcastle, James works as a teacher and vocal coach. 

Esmé Tutill

Esmé joined Razzamataz Newcastle at the beginning of 2017, and has loved seeing the school grow. With an MSc in psychology from Newcastle University, Esmé is passionate about helping young people to develop in a supportive and creative setting. She is a champion of mental wellbeing, and strongly believes that allowing children to express themselves in a safe environment can be a fantastic tool in developing confidence and other important skills for life. As well as being one of the principals of Razzamataz Newcastle, Esmé also works with children with special educational and mental health needs in schools across the North East.


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